See you tomorrow at 16.00 GTZ! Thanks to the collaboration of the Comité Culturel de Pannonie and the new AMP, all citizens and supporters of Pannonia will have a great opportunity to take part in the celebration of our Independence Day, which also marks the second anniversary of the Republic. PTV On-Demand will commemorate the two years of Pannonia's remarkable history in a new video that hopes to share the spirit of our Juur de l"Indépendynçe. N"uubliez pas: nuus vivons puur vérité, liberté et pee'!

"Settling the dispute about the organisation of the AMP, which first arose in April 2013, has been a difficult job for the Presidency of Pannonia. Nevertheless, I can now confidently announce that the return of Pannonia Today and PTV On-Demand will mark the end of the association's inactivity," said President Brunner earlier this evening. As the publication of this report proves, the Presidency has officially taken control of the Pannonian Media Association. Although it is argued that the governmental leadership will be permanent, there is no valid evidence to support this assumption.
Last week, President Brunner made an official visit to the ecumenical Community of Taizé in Burgundy, France. While representing Pannonia in the international environment, Brunner has attended several meetings, which he considers useful in terms of the maintainance of his micronational ideology. "This week shall be described as the path to a new beginning", he said. Further information regarding how the experience at the religious community has benefitted him has not been published, although some believe that Brunner has gained an interest in claiming French territory.
Earlier this morning, the Presidency of Pannonia agreed on the public presentation of the new Declaration of Territorial Claims. The document includes the changes made in the framework of the Revision of Territorial Claims and provides an overview of the concept of provinces in Pannonia. The state's new "Secondary Constitution" can be viewed here.
Yntreçise (IPA: /ɑ̃tʁˈsis/), which has been allocated the area code PN12 and the two-letter code YN, is a fairly small territory of the Republic of Pannonia, situated near the village of Castelmola, on the island of Sicily (Italy). Despite its magnificent panorama, the land is not in any specific use by the Sicilian nationals.
Yntreçise and its surroundings
As expected, an official resolution was passed by the Presidency of Pannonia and the RTP earlier this afternoon. Together with some minor governmental changes, the so called Revision of Territorial Claims stated that "Savarie (PN2) and Scarbantie (PN8) will be relocated while maintaining their cultural aspects, and that the areas covered by Çélie (PN3) and Sérvine (PN6) will be extended." (Source: MicroWiki) Furthermore, the resolution included the establishment of five new provinces, namely Acumynçe, Marsonie, Yntreçise, Arbone and Réne. More information about the new regions is available on MicroWiki.

The Presidency of Pannonia has now officially announced its intention to revise the territorial claims of the state, allowing the RTP to modify the official statement according to the changes that have since occured to certain territories. The revision will probably increase the area covered by some provinces, although there has also been a discussion about the removal or complete relocation of one particular province. According to secondary sources, the revision may result in the alteration of Pannonia's constitution. Details are expected to be published before Easter.
The Presidency of Pannonia has officially announced its forthcoming attempt to increase the activity of the Pannonian Educational Association (AEP). The planned improvements are likely to involve the provision of free Pannonia-related cultural education and the adoption of existing general knowledge and language courses. For more information about the examination process or the laws regarding equivalence, visit the AEP's new website here.

From today, this webpage is considered the official website of the Republic of Pannonia, replacing our old website which is to be closed down by the provider in a few weeks. This site offers several new features, including the Gallery, the Downloads page and the detailed introduction to most aspects of Pannonian life. As expected, the new website is also going to be controlled by the AMP, maintaining the standards presented in the framework of our past successes. We encourage you to have a look at the official forum, PTV On-Demand or the new AEP website. Our archived blog posts from the old website can be downloaded here.